Mobius Group

Mobius Group is a privately owned company established in 2020 to assist the proprietors of Owner Managed Businesses to exit those businesses in the best way possible. We believe that in most cases that is via an Employee Ownership Trust, thereby safeguarding the company’s future and your legacy.

Whatever the reason for leaving your business an EOT could be the right solution for you.

You may be ready to retire.

You may have taken your business as far as you can.

You may have experienced a life-changing event.

You may wish to reward your loyal staff.

We will:

Discuss with you what constitutes your ideal sale and have at our disposal various tools to make that possible. In the right circumstances you may be able to leave the business quickly, alternatively you may prefer a much more gradual and managed exit.

We work with:

A panel of accountancy and law experts to ensure that your EOT is compliant with financial and legal rules and regulations.

We have:

A network of business improvement and growth experts with successful track records who can assist with future viability and growth if necessary – your business will be in safe hands.

Whatever your reason for selling call Mobius Group today for an exploratory conversation.

Our business is run by people who have a wealth of business experience and have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to own and operate successful companies whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

We speak plainly and openly but possess sophisticated knowledge, helping you to understand the process and opportunities that may be available to you when you leave your business.

We are uncompromising in our belief in dealing ethically and with integrity and want all parties to prosper and achieve their desired aims. We provide elegant solutions to owners of small and medium sized businesses to realise the value that they have created.